Specificity domain name service Whois, who are loggers

First of all, dotted all the i’s and erase possible dark spots in the definition of certain concepts. For example, you have yourself a clear idea of what the URL web-site, and what is meant by a domain name (CI). If we prescribe the following line:


it means the URL of a specific document (web page) belonging to a particular resource on the Internet. Users can access this page, by driving the URL in the browser address bar (here – what a browser). Part «http: //» is a protocol by which data is transmitted.

The word «kontakty» specifies the name of the document, which is part of a web resource that is located on one of the servers hosting. Domain name just identifies this web-resource and also is part of the URL. That is, the CI in this case looks like this:


If you click on the link given in the first paragraph of this article, you will learn more about the levels of DI and immediately determine that this second-level domain. It is registered in the zone com. In the same material provides information on what all domain zones exist, which, incidentally, is the domain of the top (first) level.

So, goldbusinessnet.com – domain of the second level, which can be registered in any of the official registrars. On them we’ll talk a little lower. It should be borne in mind that the first level of CI already defined by the organization IANA, which is centrally involved in this issue, and to choose the domain zone (upper level) follows from the number of existing and officially confirmed.

We should also pay attention to here what question. Generally speaking, according to international standards domain names are written in the Latin alphabet, but individual regions is possible to record domain names in the national language. Let’s say, for Russian Cyrillic domains are readily available, can serve as a model (with CI Level 1 .rf):


However, to this form of the domain name correctly displayed in the browser, cross reference is made to record in DNS. For more information about the system CSN again follow the link given at the beginning of Lent. Recoding enables you to enter into your domain name is in Cyrillic.

Register CI carefully systematized and below we look at who is authorized to register Domain Names, where you can get information about a particular domain and what steps need to be taken to implement the verification of the domain name and, if necessary, to buy it.